About Bladins

A Brief History of Bladins

Bladins School is one of the oldest private schools in Sweden, founded in the late 19th century. With its origins as a preparatory school, Bladins offered a broad education in science, mathematics and modern languages and prepared its students for admission to State secondary grammar schools.

Vilhelm Bladin
Vilhelm Bladin

Many of the teachers who taught at the school at that time were specialists in the classical subjects. The origin of our logo, the lily in the coat of arms, was inspired by one of our secondary school teachers Lilja (which means ‘lily’) who became Bladins’ first principal, hence, the lily in the school’s coat of arms. Vilhelm Bladin gave the school its name and was principal until the mid 1950’s, when Sigurd Delling took over. In 1957 Rosemarie and Stig Erikson co-directed the school. It was at this time that the school took the name Bladins to avoid confusion with another private school in the city.

The number of classes increased gradually and in the 1960’s Bladins received permission to pursue teaching for nine forms. This occurred in parallel to the implementation of comprehensive schools in Sweden. A few years later, Bladins added the upper secondary school. Due to the extraordinary curricula and success rate of its students, the government decided to offer subsidies to Bladins’ students, giving them the same beneficial allowances offered to students attending public upper secondary schools. At this time, Bladins also started a pre-school which applied the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. This remains a common thread for the compulsory school.

The International School was founded in 1987. At the time, Kockums, the Swedish submarine and ship manufacturer, won a contract to build submarines for the Australian navy. The region needed an International School for the Australian expatriate community. The International School was born.

Over the years, Bladins has been successful in recruiting creative and very dedicated teachers and has always been run by enthusiastic principals and supporting staff. Many former students probably remember Rosemarie Erikson’s dynamic personality and her self-sacrificing work during three decades. The famous “Bladins spirit” developed during this time – and still lives on!

Recently, the school has undergone important pedagogical developments. At the same time, the school environment and facilities have been substantially improved. Over Bladins’ long history, the school continues to maintain its pedagogic excellence, meeting the demands of a growing multi-cultural community in the Öresund region. The numerous applications we receive each year indicate just how much our school is needed!