Foundation Board

Bladins School is established through a foundation governed by a board. It is an independent juridical body governed by the regulations applicable to the foundation. The Foundation’s Board makes decisions on such comprehensive issues as budget, large investments, long-term aims and goals, major construction, range and scope of the work methods, etc.

The parents elect the Bladins Foundation Board. The Foundation’s board is elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Association. In addition to the members elected by the parents, attendees include teacher representatives, the School Director and the chairmen of the Parents’ Association.

The Board is responsible for and nominates the School Director and acts as a sounding board and support to the school management and staff.

The Foundation Board 2017/2018

Niklas Thulin, Chairman
Patrik Fogelström, Vice Chairman
Christina Glad, Regular member
Frank Bolata, Regular member
Sten-Bertil Olsson, Regular member
Marianne Ramel, Regular member
Magnus Siorholm, Regular member
Lars Uhlin, Regular member
Jan Troein, School Director (co-opted)
Emma Baugh, Secretary