Friends of Bladins

Please join and support your child’s school!

BladinsVannerLogoThe membership is open to everyone who wants to support the work of Friends of Bladins, a non-profit organization formed in 1997 by parents of students at Bladins. The goal is to support the school by providing extra equipment or sponsoring activities so the children get the most from their time at the school.

Some examples of activities that Friends of Bladins have sponsored in the last few years:
– Playground equipment
– Outdoor lighting
– Furnishings and books for the libraries
– Information events regarding bullying
– Scholarships for graduating students at Bladins Gymnasium
– Leavers Dinner/Events for MYP 4/5 and Year 9

We also sell clothes with the Bladins Logo! Please click HERE for some samples.

Become a member

Become a MEMBER of Friends of Bladins by paying the annual fee of SEK 200/family and school year to bankgiro 5159-8340 or SWISH 1234 945952. For additional 300 kr, i.e. SEK 500/family and school year, you become a SPONSOR. Please remember to indicate your name and e-mailadress, unless you want to contribute anonymously.

You are also welcome to make further donations to Friends of Bladins. All donations will be used to benefit the school and our students.

Contact Friends of Bladins


Letters and requests can also be handed in to the school office.