Our school is open for applications throughout the school year and not only at the beginning of terms. Most students tend to start at the beginning of the autumn or the spring term (August/ January) but being an international school we recognise and understand that that is not always possible. Bladins International School admissions policy considers all eligible children. Families are welcome to apply regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion. Please review to our Admissions Intake page for information about year level placements.

Pre School Admissions 

Admissions for Bladins International Pre School is based on a waiting list. We do also have sibling priority which means that siblings of other children attending our school will be prioritised. You can apply for admissions to pre school as of the date your child has turned one.

Compulsory School Admissions (PYP 1 – MYP 4)

Admission to Bladins International School of Malmö  is in accordance with Swedish School Law Chapter 24 Paragraph 3. Bladins International School of Malmö can accept families who belong to any one of the four following categories:


  1. The family/child are living in Sweden for a short period of time.
  2. The family/child have studied/lived abroad under a longer period of time and will complete their education in Sweden.
  3. There is significant evidence to prove that the family/child will be leaving Sweden for a longer period of time.
  4. The child has the language of instruction as their daily language with one or both parents/guardians and sufficient knowledge in the language to follow the educational plan of the school.

Upper Secondary School Admissions (MYP 5 – DP 2)

There are two ways to apply for admissions into our Upper Secondary School Programme:

  1. For students currently studying in Sweden, please apply through Gymnasieantagningen. (If you are already in year one of upper secondary school in Sweden and wish to change school, please apply here).
  2. For students applying from abroad, please apply here.