After-School Department- Fritids

Applying for After-School Care

If you would like to register your child(ren) in After-School Care, please complete and submit the After-School Care Application Form to the school office to register your child. 

About After-School Care

The After-School department at Bladins International School “fritids” (free time) takes care of the students outside school hours. The program follows the educational guidelines formulated in the Swedish school curriculum for fritids specifically chapters 1,2 and 4 which can be found on the following link: . Education in fritids is given a wide interpretation where care, development and learning form a whole. Here we provide children with a meaningful leisure time based on the children’s interests and needs and at the same time stimulate their development and learning.

We offer a variety of different activities, ways of working and expressions in order to promote the child’s fantasy and ability to learn together with others through play, movement and creativity. The education at fritids also contributes to develop student’s interest and knowledge of our environment, technology and society through different ways of exploring our surroundings. Students are also offered the opportunity to develop their physical skills through different physical activities, both in school and through different excursions.

Practical information

Fritids is open between 7:15-8:30 before school starts and again between 14:30-17:30 when school ends. During school breaks, fritids is open except on red calendar days. The cost for a place in fritids is according to the maximum rate (maxtaxan) and you register your child by filling out an application form. Our aim is that students are registered within a week after receiving the application. If you need to withdraw your child(ren), please make sure to complete a Withdrawal Form (which is separate from the form for our academic programmes.

The fritids groups are divided based on their age groups and each of these has a staff member who acts as a group coordinator who is mainly responsible for keeping contact with parents. Each week we provide parents and guardians with our weekly schedule of upcoming activities where we also clearly explain how these are connected to our work with the school curriculum.

It is therefore imperative that we are able to contact parents/guardians and that your contact information stays up to date at all times. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in SchoolSoft by logging in to your SchoolSoft account.