Withdrawal Information

If you would like to withdraw your child from BISM, please complete and return a Withdrawal Form signed by both legal guardians.

Withdrawal Form
IPS – Two months notice is required or two month’s fee in lieu of notice.
PYP 1  – MYP 4 Three months’ notice is required or three months’ gross fees in lieu of notice

MYP 5 – DP 2 
Please discuss your withdrawal with the MYP/ DP coordinator and complete one of the below forms:
Withdrawal form MYP 5 – DP – if you are withdrawing to enrol in a school abroad, alternatively are finishing your upper secondary school studies.
Change of school form –  if you are withdrawing to start another Upper Secondary School in Sweden.

Student Computer / iPad 
If you/your child has a loan computer / iPad from the school, please complete this form and bring when returning the computer:
IT Return Form
For questions please email gustaf.jhaveri@bladins.se