Admissions Process

At Bladins International School of Malmö, we have what is called a rolling admissions process. That means we take students throughout the school year and not only at the beginning of terms. Most students tend to start at the beginning of the autumn or the spring term (August/ January) but being an international school we recognise and understand that that is not always possible. Before you apply, please see our admissions intake below.

Admissions Intake

2017-18 Birthday SV USA UK
IPS 1-3 Feb 14-Sept 16 Förskola Pre-school Nursery
IPS 3-5 Mar 14- Jul 12 Förskola Pre-school Reception
PYP 1 Sept 11-Aug 12 F K 1
PYP 2 Sept 10-Aug 11 1 1 2
PYP 3 Sept 09-Aug 10 2 2 3
PYP 4 Sept 08-Aug 09 3 3 4
PYP 5 Sept 07-Aug 08 4 4 5
PYP 6 Sept 06-Aug 07 5 5 6
MYP 1 Sept 05-Aug 06 6 6 7
MYP 2 Sept 04-Aug 05 7 7 8
MYP 3 Sept 03-Aug 04 8 8 9
MYP 4 Sept 02-Aug 03 9 9 10
MYP 5 Sept 01-Aug 02 GY 1 10 11
DP 1 Sept 00-Aug 01 GY 2 11 12
DP 2 Sept 99-Aug 00 GY 3 12 13

The first step in the online application process is to apply using OpenApply*. Once you have created an application it will ask you for the follow documents, before your application can be considered (you can find this when you log in and go to ‘Student Details’:

Applied Status

Student profile

This is a short questionnaire about the student who you are applying for.

Student Recommendation

Simply input the information (name and email) for the person who will write the student recommendation and the form will be sent directly to them. Once they have completed it, it is sent to us directly and digitally.


PYP and MYP students should include their most recent report card, if and when appropriate.

DP students should include the past three year’s report cards

Passport-Photo page (DP applicants only)

Please scan and submit a copy of the photo/information page of your passport.

Waitlisted Status

When we have received your complete application, your application is now ready to be reviewed. Our admissions department will then review your application, and waitlist it.

When your application is waitlisted, and you completed all the things on the applied/waitlisted checklist, there is nothing further for you to do at that point. Should a space become available and match your application, we will contact you directly to further the admissions process. If a space is not available during that academic year, you will be contacted during the Spring term. At that time, you will receive an email asking if you would like you application updated for the next academic year.

Accepted Status

When your application has been accepted, this means you must now complete the following documents to enroll in Bladins International School of Malmö:

Make sure all documents have been completed such as, Student Profile, Student Recommendation and reports.

You must also complete the following documents/tasks through your online application:

Pay the enrolment fee (PYP 1-MYP 4 only)

To secure a place for PYP 1-MYP 4, you must pay the one time, 10.000:- enrolment fee. The instructions for the bank/wire transfer are on your place offer.

Acceptance Form

This must be completed and attached to the application. It must be signed by both guardians. If you have sole custody, please provide us with documentation. You can attach it to your application.

School Health Care Form/ Vaccination Record/ Medical Consent form (SkolPool)

The School Health Care Form can be downloaded on the application and once completed it can be attached to the application. You can attach the vaccination records to your application as well. You must also complete a medical consent form to allow our School Health Care Department (which is affiliated with SkolPool) to handle your child’s medical records. This form can also be downloaded on the application and attached after it is completed.

Permission to Request Health Records

In order for the School Health Care team to access your child’s medical records from other schools or their BVC (barnvårdcentralen) you must complete this form  and attached it to your application as well.

Personal Data Law Consent form

The form must be completed in accordance with the Swedish law regarding personal data (PuL). You can decided whether or not you’d like your child to have photographs taken and potentially be used on our website, etc.

Pre-School Hours Form (Pre-School Only)

This must be completed or you will not be eligible for full-time care, even if you are entitled to it. This form can be downloaded from the application. When it’s complete, please attach it to the application.

Loan Agreement form (MYP 1 and up)

You must complete and return this form in order to lease your MacBook Air.

Copy of  Extract of the Population Register-“Personbevis” (MYP 5 and up)

You must provide a personbevis or a document, signed and stamped, saying that the student resides in Sweden and has applied for a personal number. For students applying from Denmark, please contact the Admissions Coordinator as you are still eligible to attend while residing in Denmark.

Application to Upper Secondary School (MYP 5 and up)

You must complete and return this form if you have applied to start upper secondary school from outside from Sweden.

BISM’S IBDP Academic Probation Policy (DP 1 and DP 2 only)

Please read this document regarding our Academic Probation Policy.

DP Subject Choices Form (DP 1 only)

Here you must select your subject block choices. Please note, subjects run based on the interest of that cohort and therefore are subject to change. This form is completed digitally through an external link on the application.
Once you have completed the entire application process and your enrolment fee has been received and confirmed by our finance department, your child is now enrolled at Bladins International School of Malmö! In the coming weeks before your child is set to start, you will receive a welcome email with information about their first day. You will also receive information about ManageBac and SchoolSoft within the first week.Enrolled Status


If you need to withdraw your child, you are able to complete a withdrawal form. When we have received and processed your withdrawal we will contact you to confirm your withdrawal. For more information about withdrawals, please see the Withdrawal Information page.

Withdrawn Status

You are now withdrawn from the school and your OpenApply, Managebac and SchoolSoft accounts will be archived. If you would like to return to Bladins International School of Malmö, please contact the admissions department through OpenApply. If you need copies of your student’s records, it is advised to download them before your account is archived. Otherwise, please visit the Contact Us page.

Graduated Status

Congratulations! You have graduated from the IB Diploma Programme and that is something to be proud of! You are now considered to be an alumnus of Bladins International School of Malmö. Please keep in touch with us and let us know all the exciting things you are up to!

*If you are applying for MYP 5, which is the first year of Swedish Upper Secondary and you currently live in Sweden, please apply via Gymnasieantagningen as well as through our online application.